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Uhhh, yeah. I have ummm.... glaucoma dude. Heh. Seriously. It's for medicinal purposes, man...

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A spam knock-off?

Because the marketing department decided "Armour Lips 'N Assholes" was hip and catchy enough.

Add a little food coloring and you could sell it to Arby's.

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There's so much so wrong, yet so totally right about this ad---I dont know whether to laugh, or cry:

1) Uhhh.. You expect your broadcast transmitter to work with a NUKE going off a few miles away?!
2) Lets hope Mr. TV Guy has good health insurance, and that Raytheon doesn't consider leukemia an "occupational hazard"
3) ....Wait, Raytheon?!
4) The microwave transmitter is pointed right at his head! ....You smell bacon?
5) The sandbags are there to protect the equipment. Hah, screw the operator, protect the hardware!
6) Look closely -- There's hundreds of people off in the distance, closer to the explosion.. Apparently, not willing to settle for the TV version. :)
7) They give Mr. TV guy some sunglasses... and a hat. A hat.
8) Weird medical device in the lower right hand corner.. What, they're beaming crystal-clear TV images of nukes going off right into her back?

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Why you should hate Disney.

If Walt were thawed out and buried, he'd be spinning in his grave like a quisinart.

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